Change Head of the Family (HOF) in Delhi Ration Card


Head of the Family holds most of the powers/rights in a ration card. It is who can apply for all the amendments/changes, issuing duplicate ration cards etc. Delhi Government provides the provision of changing head of the family in entire state (in fact all state government has the provision to change the HOF name/details). Here we will have a detailed look on how to change head of family in Delhi Ration Card.

It is an easy process that will require you to submit an application form/request to the nearest ration card authority. Before the main process, let we have a quick look on other required things.

When to change Head of Family details in Ration Card

Below are the scenarios when you can change the HoF details in your rashan card:

• In case of death or other mis-happening: You are required to change head details in case of death or any other related mis-happening with the head of the family.

• Present HOF is transferred to other location and is going to apply for separate Ration Card: it is mostly applicable for Government employees who keep getting transfers on regular basis. Consider a scenario where present HOF has been transferred to some other location but his family continuous to stay at the current address only (because of any reason). Now if that person wants to issue a new separate ration card against his name then he will have to remove his name from the existing card.

• Marriage: It can be changed in case present head is moving away and need to enroll his/her name n new ration card.

• New head if going to be adult: This is applicable if you were waiting for the actual head of the family to grow to 18 i.e. to become adult.

• Other Reasons: There might be several other reasons for changing head details. These can vary from family to family.

How to change Head of the Family in Delhi Ration Card

Follow below guide:
1. Download the official name amendment form from here. Here you will find the option to change details. Required details mentioned on 2nd option of the last page.

Change Head of Family Delhi Ration Card

Change Head of Family Details Delhi Ration Card

2. Select the reason for changing the HOF details.

3. Fill in complete form with correct details and attach all the required documents as mentioned in the form.

4. Cross verify all the details and submit this for to Food and Supply office. They will go through their verification process. Once verified you will get newly amended ration card within a week or two.

Please note that this form can be initiated by present head of family or newly stated HOF only. Do let us know if anything else required about changing head details in the ration card.

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