Duplicate Ration Card - Chandigarh (add/delete/change name, address)


In this article you will get in depth detail about how to issues duplicate ration in Chandigarh, how to add/delete member in existing ration card, how to change address in ration card and some info about surrender card that is mainly used during amendments with the ration card.

Do check below to get complete details.

Duplicate Ration Card – Chandigarh

Duplicate ration card are best in situations when something has happened to your original ration card. Duplicate ration cards are issued within a time frame of 15 days and are valid for short duration (validity in months only, 1-2 months only). Please verify validity details with officials once as they might change it for your case.

In order to get duplicate ration card in Chandigarh, you need to submit:

• Duly filled ration card application form that should be attested by gazzeted officer or it should be coupled with public notary
• Two family photographs (complete family). Please use passport size photos
• DDR copy that should clearly indicate the original ration card number

Beside these documents you also need to produce the reason why you need to print/issue duplicate rasan card. It can be a statement on notary paper in form of an affidavit.

Duplicate Ration Card Process Chandigarh

Member addition/deletion in Ration Card Chandigarh

Please follow below steps to add new name to existing rashan card in Chandigarh:

• Duly filled attested ration card form
• In case of adult unit addition, you need to submit deletion/surrender certificate issued by rationing authority of the area from where adult unit has migrated
• You also need to submit two passport size photographs of complete family members (whose name you want to see on the ration card)
• If the age of newly added individual is less than 5 years then you need to submit birth certificate along with Teakaran copy
• If age is more than 5 years then you need to submit birth certificate along with the affidavit

If you want to delete name from existing ration card in Chandigarh then you need to follow below steps:

• Duly filled application form that should be attested by gazzeted officer or gram panchayat sarpanch/pradhan (for rural area). This application form should contain names of only those persons whose name should appear on the latest ration card i.e. please do not mention names of persons whose name you want to delete from existing card
• Two photographs of persons other than deleted ones

You need to delete names in marriage and death cases.

Ration Card Address Change

For changing the current address, you will need to submit completely filled application form along with 2 passport size family photograph and affidavit about address change. In case you are shifting to government quarter/accommodation then you will have to submit copy of allotment letter also.

After your application submission, government officer will visit your new address to verify your details. Once he/she completes the process at his/her end, you will receive new amended ration card within 10-15 days.
Surrender certificate is issued when new ration card is produced. In case you want it afterwards then you need to submit new application form along with the ration card copy.

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