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Duplicate Ration Card in Delhi can be issued in case of loss of original ration card or some damages with the same. Here we will check complete tutorial about how you can get duplicate rashan card in Delhi including the application form, process flow, documents required, fee details and delivery time. If you have any concerns regarding any query with ration card in Delhi then you can directly contact official number 1967 or can use Whatsapp number +918800950480 for getting in touch with the officials.

How to get duplicate ration card in Delhi

Delhi Government has shared the duplicate ration card form that you need to fill in for getting the temporary ration card issued to your address.

Below are the scenarios when you are expected to apply for duplicate rasan card in the India Capital:

• You have lost original ration card.

• Your ration card is in a condition where the officials are unable to read/find your printed details on it.

• Your ration card is damaged somehow and it is in several pieces now.

You can apply and get duplicate ration card using below guide:

• Download the application form from here

• Check for the 6th option and mention the reason why you want to apply for duplication ration card. You will have to select between two options, damaged and lost.

• Fill in all the details and submit your application form in the concerned Food and Supply office.

Duplicate Ration Card Delhi

Documents required for duplicate ration card in Delhi

In case you have lost your ration card then you will have to submit an affidavit stating the entire scenario completely. You can get the latest updates about required documents from your nearby ration card issuing authority. Although an affidavit should do the work but please check once.

In case of damaged ration card, you will have to submit that damaged card along with new application form.

Application fee and time required for issuing duplicate ration card in Delhi

You will have to pay minimal processing fee ranging from Rs. 5 – 45 for getting the new duplicate ration card. Application fee changes from time to time and depends on the ration card type also. It will be minimum (or no fee even) for Antyodaya Ration Cards and will be max for Above Poverty Line (APL) ration cards.

Once you submit the application, officials will review it and will verify the details if needed. As duplicate ration card is issued in emergency cases so it does not take much time for getting the card issued. But still please keep around 1 week buffer time for getting and duplicate ration card issued and delivered to your nearest FPS or specified house address.

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