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Here we will learn one more amazing online service given by Andhra Pradesh Government. We will learn about how to download duplicate ration card in Andhra Pradesh. AP Govt has come up with a well-structured and dedicated Ration Card portal that can be used for online rasan card registration, status check/track and several other tasks.

Coming to the duplicate Ration Card part then you need it mostly in urgent cases. Like you have lost your Ration Card or have some where misplaced it or damaged it somehow. Duplicate Ration Card on one side lets you avail all the offers/schemes as per your original rasan card and on the other side it also gives the required time to re-apply and get back the original copy of ration card.

How to get/download duplicate Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh (AP)

You can apply and download he duplicate ration card directly from the official AP Ratio Card website. Follow below steps to generate duplicate ration card in Andhra Pradesh:

• Visit the official website from here

• Choose “Duplicate Ration Card based on UID” option

• You will see a page shown in below image:

• It will ask you to enter your UID Number which is nothing but your Aadhar Card Number

• Please note that there might be duplicate UID’s for one single active Ration Card so you can fill in any of them. I will prefer you to go with the UID of head of the family so that the things can be simplified to good level.

• Once you enter the UID Number, you will get duplicate ration card copy (you might need to fill in some more details to prove your authentication). Just follow whatever comes on the screen.

• After everything is done, you will get the option to download your duplicate ration card directly online from the same official website.

Download it, start using it and in the meantime please report your lost rasan card status at your nearest Food & Supply office or in nearest allocated ration card distributing office ad start the process to get new copy.

You will have to reapply for new rashan card copy and invigilator will again verify all the stated things so be careful with them. Kindly note that duplicate ration card is just a temporary fix and will not survive much longer which mean you will have to apply for new original copy in any case so please don’t wase time and submit your application as soon as possible.

You can alternatively login or register your new account online at AP Ration Portal. You can do all the above activities after logging in to your account also (preferred approcah).

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