Duplicate Ration Card Download


Looking for duplicate Ration Card? If yes then here you will get one. I mean here you will get complete guide about how to get one duplicate Ration Card in India. Please note that you will be issued duplicate rasan card only if you have lost it somewhere or have misplaced it somewhere and are now finding it now anywhere. In case your ration card is torn into pieces or something wrong has happened with your Ration Card then also you can apply for duplicate ration card. In the latter case you will have to showcase your damaged Rashan Card to the concerned authority.

Duplicate Ration Card

Before moving any further let me make one point clear that duplicate ration card can be applied from any part of the India and there are no limitations on state basis in this process. So be assured on this end (however ration card application fee may vary from state to state).
Now coming to the process then you can apply for ration card both online as well as offline.

How to get Duplicate Ration Card Online

This feature is limited to only those states which are currently accepting online or e ration card applications. So before moving with this guide please make sure to check at your state’s Food and Supply office website. There you will get the idea whether your state allows to download duplicate ration cards online or not. I am proceeding further with the assumption that your state allows online application for duplicate ration card. So follow below procedure to get one:

• Visit your state’s Food and Supply official website
• Check the option to apply for duplicate ration card (mostly located under services tab or on the right hand corner)
• Fill in all the details and upload the documents as instructed

That’s it! You will be issued a duplicate ration card which can be used to avail al ration card facilities till you get a new one.

How to get Duplicate Ration Card Online

Follow below steps:

• Visit the state Food and Supply office. In case your Sate Government has assigned a separate ration card issuing authority then you will have to visit that particular agency/ration unit.
• Once you are there in the office, just fill in the duplicate ration card request form (you can ask the office staff to get the same)
• Once you are done with feeling the application form, attach the required forms/certificates to it and then submit it to the concerned officials.

This is about how you can submit duplicate ration card form offline directly at the designated office.

You will be issued new duplicate ration card within 1-2 weeks of raising the request. In some states it might take bit longer than usual but be rest assured about your duplicate ration card being getting created by ration card authority/organization.

Duplicate Aadhar Card Application Fee

You will be charged a minimal fee ranging from Rs. 5-45 for duplication of Aadhar Card (variations in state). You can confirm exact fee by visiting your nearby F&S office or from official website.

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