How to Add, Change or Delete name in Ration Card


Noticed some fault in your name in ration card? Want to add new names in existing Ration Card? Or want to delete name from the Ration card? We will address all three queries here. Here we will show you how to add name in Ration Card and also ration card name change online process. We will also try to cover the part where one need to delete names from existing rashan card.

Luckily the process for all these 3 tasks is exact similar and is very easy at the same time. Before the main process, let we discuss the scenarios under which you will need to perform any of the three activities. So the scenarios are:

• Wrong Name- in case you are using an electronic Ration Card (e ration card) and you find your name misspelled in it (applicable to other Rasan Cards as well). In this case you will have to modify/change your name in the existing card.

• Newly Born Baby- in this case you will need to add new born baby’s name to the card

• Marriage (most girl marriage)- in this case you will need to remove her name from your card and in case of boy’s marriage you will have to add her name in your card

• Death- in this case also you will have to remove your family member’s name from the existing card

• There might be some other reasons like your family is now divided, or adoption etc

Whatever be the case, main process is to alter your card to adjust/add/delete names in it.

How to Add, Delete or Change name in Ration Card?

In order to either change or delete or modify your name in your rasan card, you will have to fill in a request form that you can either find online or the same can be collected from nearby Food and Supply Office. Online request form can be found for some states only (you can confirm this from your state’s Food & Supply website).

I will suggest you to go for the latter option and to obtain the request form (also called D1 form) from office only. You need to dully fill this request form and submit it along with below papers:

• Name proof (in case you need to change the name)
• Marriage certificate (to add or delete name)
• Death certificate (to remove the name)
• Passport size family photograph

That’s it! Once you submit your request, the concerned official might visit your house for verifying all the details (rare if you provide all the docs in office itself).

You will be charged a minimal application fee of Rs. 5-10 per change and will be issued new corrected Ration Card in 7 to 15 days.

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