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In Assam ration cards are also known as Family Identify Cards (FIC) and are issued to every eligible family in the state. In Assam, a person with a valid FIC only can take advantages that are given under PDS scheme/system. Here we will discuss various details like how to apply online for ration card/FIC, track status, search ration card and issue duplicate FIC card in Assam. But before everything else, we will discuss some common aspects that will give you deep knowledge about various day to day things with FIC card in Assam.

Type of Ration Cards/FIC in Assam

In Assam, FIC cards are issued in various colors and each color signifies a different category. For now, Government is issuing 3 kinds of ration cards, APL, BPL and AAY in Assam. All the categories are defined on basis of annual household income and are given unique benefits. Belo is the chart that shows criteria and quantity of rice with price issued to each type.

Eligible persons to apply for Ration Card in Assam

Here are all the possible scenarios under which a person can apply for a new ration card or can apply for modifications in the existing one.

Person with no Ration Card

It is very rare but in case you don’t have a ration card then you will have to obtain a written certificate from any of the Head/Gaon Panchayat President/Ward Commissioner/ Inspector, FCS&CA / Concerned Authority that states that this person has no Ration card issued for his family. You will need to attach this written certificate in the original Ration Card Application form.

Duplicate Ration Card

Lost your card or something has happened with it, this scenario applies there. In this case you will have to submit your application stating the reason why you want a duplicate ration card. Duplicate ration card will be issued and you will have to pay standard processing fees for it.

Address Change

Under this case, Surrender Certificate is required from the concerning FCS&CA authority with clear statement about your previous residence. You need to attach this statement with your ration card application form. Without a proper surrender certificate you will not be able to change your address in ratio/FIC card.

Addition of name after marriage

In such cases, you will need a deletion certificate issued by FCS&CA authority. It should clearly mention that your name is deleted from your previous ration card and now it can be added to the new one. Once you have this statement in written, you can proceed with the addition of newly married person in your existing Ration Card.

Newly born child and death cases

In both the cases you will either need birth certificate (newly born child) or death certificate (death cases) for addition or deletion of particular name from existing rashan card.

Apply online for Ration Card/FIC in Assam

For now I don’t see any option of applying online. So you will have to submit your duly filled ration card form at FCS & CA authority of the District/Sub-Division(C).

Please have a careful look at all the required documents that you need to process during ration card process.

In case you want to change head of the family in your ration card then you will have to show death certificate of previous head person (in case of head) or an affidavit stating the reason to replace current head name from the card. You will have to submit no objection certificate also.

In case of any queries/concerns, you can anytime contact below address/numbers:

The Director,
Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department
Bhangagarh, Guwahati-781005, Assam

Toll free no(s)- 1. 18003453611

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