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Check Chandigarh Ration Card Status online here. We will guide you about how to check status of your ration card application for Chandigarh region. Chandigarh is one of the few states which have implemented almost all the required online schemes/services for Ration Card holders. They have migrated it all on the online platform. Unlikely people of other states, Chandigarh people don’t need to rush to nearby ration card office for checking rashan card related things in state now.

If you visit the official Ration Card website of Chandigarh then you will find various online options there. We will explain the tutorials for below things:

• Ration card status check
• Ration card application search
• View ration card details
• Searching ration card with FPS
• Dynamic report of ration cards

These are few of the services that Chandigarh ration card user can use at present.

How to check Ration Card Status in Chandigarh

Follow below steps:

• Visit office website from here
• It will look like the one as shown below

Chandigarh Ration Card Status Check

• Visit the OTHER tab (highlighted in image)
• You will get “Ration Card Search”, “Mobile Registration” two options there
• Visit Ration Card Search option
• Once you hit this option, you will get below page:

• This page will have all the options that we have discussed above

Just use the option that you require. For searching ration card status you need Reference Number that was issued to you during registration time.

For Ration Card Details option, you will need RC Number (either old or new RC number).

If you want to search ration card on basis of FPS then you will have to fill below form:

Chandigarh FPS

You will have to fill it in order: District>>Sub District/Taluka>>Ration Card Type (AAY, PHH, PH-BPL, NPH)>>Select FPS

This is the correct order and you need to fill in details in this order only otherwise you won’t be able to select your nearby/correct FPS.

Generate Ration Card Dynamic Report in Chandigarh

For generating ration card dynamic report, you need to fill below form:

Dynamic Ration Card Report Chandigarh

It requires basic details (but root level details) like your village, ration card number, details of family’s head, family member’s count, old ration card number, gas number, NPR TIN etc. So please ensure to have all these details before proceeding any further.

This is all about how to check ration card status and perform related online activities in Chandigarh. Please let us know your queries if any.

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