Add/Delete/Change Names, Address in Delhi Ration Card


Delhi Government provides all ration card related facilities/activities online. You can apply for Delhi Ration Card online; can check the status online easily. Delhi Government has provided the provision of modifying your ration card details online as well. Modification includes addition/deletion/change of name and address in the existing ration card. We will see step by step details about how to do the same here.

How to Add/Delete Names in the Ration Card

We need to add new names to ration card in case of new born baby (you will need to get birth certificate in this case) and after marriage (usually the name of the wife).

Ration Card

We need to delete names from ration cards in case of death (death certificate required) and in case of marriage where the name of the bride needs to be removed from the current ration card.

You can make any of the above changes using this guide:

• Download the application form: English, Hindi

• Fill in all the details asked in application form

• Submit the duly filled application form along with proofs/certificates like Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card (identity verification basically) and some residence proof

• In case you are applying for changing the ration card address then you need to submit deletion/surrender certificate of previous location also (this certificate need to be issued by the competent authority)

• Once you have filled the application form correctly and have attached all other required documents, you can submit it to ration card authorities to get the receipt/acknowledgment number (you can use this number to track live status of your amended rashan card)

In case you have applied for addition of name in the ration card then it can be done on the same day (very probably) but for all other cases it may take up to a complete week for making the changes and issuing amended ration card.

Documents required for making changes in Ration Card Delhi

You need below certificates/proof for amending details in existing ration card in Delhi area:
• Birth/Death/Marriage certificate for adding/deleting names

• Copy of Aadhar Card Number or EID No. or NPR Number of the person whose name need to be added/deleted or modified

• In case of address change, you need to submit proof of new residence address. It can be a rent slip, water/electricity bill or Aadhar Card issued for new address (or any other equivalent supporting document). Food & Supply Inspector will verify your new address so please be careful while mentioning the new address. They will verify every single detail so kindly cross check all the details before submitting the application form.

Please note that only the head of the family or newly announced head of family (if you want to change HOF details in ration card) can only apply for changes in the existing ration card.

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