Documents required for Ration Card


Looking for documents required for Ration Card? If yes then you landed up the right place. Here we will discuss various ration card documents and other aspects. These documents are same for Ration Card and Household Consumer Card (HSC) which is just the other name for Rasan card. Before moving any further, I will advise you to go through below articles. These will help you understanding the entire picture in a clear way (picture of how you can apply for Ration Card Online in India and what other processes are).

Ration Card Facts

Ration Card Online

Once you are done with these articles, you will need the details about documents for Ration Card. So let’s start.

Documents required for Ration Card

These documents are similar for all the Indian states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, UP etc. There might be slight change in some of the states so it will be better you gather complete details from your nearby Food and Supply office but on a broad gate, let us help you with the most common set of documents that are necessary for the Ration Card process.

1. Identity Proof (voter ID card, electricity bill, Aadhar Card, water bill etc). It is advised to carry all these documents alongside to be on the safer side.

2. Next thing will a copy of telephone bill (if you have landline phone). This will also act as address proof so it is optional but if you have one then don’t forget to carry that.

3. Family photo of all the persons whose names are going to be there on the Ration Card. This photo must be attested by gazetted officer.

These are the documents that are required to apply for new Ration Cards in India.

How to apply for Ration Card if I don’t have valid address proof?

It is an iterative question that I hear from most of the people. How one can apply for Rasan Card without having the residence proof? If you are also in same dilemma then no need to worry.

In case you don’t have the address proof then you have the option to make written request to Rashan Card issuing authority/office (Food Supply Office in your District). They will consider your request and will enquire about your mentioned address in mean time.

In case they ask for bribery or don’t listen to your request then you have the option to raise complains to higher authoritative bodies like SDM, DC, Commissioner or any other Government body that controls such corruption cases.

Please don’t pay anything in term of bribery. Good Luck!

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