Ration Card Eligibility


Want to apply for new Ration card and are not sure about whether you are eligible to get one or not? We will help you out here. In this article, we will discuss all the eligibility factors that makes one capable of having a valid Ration Card in India.

Ration Card Eligibility

In order to have a Ration Card for you or your family, you need to fulfill below terms/criteria:

Indian Citizen: Only Indian Citizens can be issued a valid, genuine Ration Card. In case you are not an Indian but have plans to settle down here then better to wait for the time when you get Indian Nationality or in case you want it early then I will suggest you to head over to nearby Food and Supply Office and have direct chat with official authorities. They can guide you better. Please do not indulge yourself in getting a fake Ration Card as sooner or later you will be caught for sure and legal action will be taken against you. So please stay away from any such sort of activity and help our Nation become an ideal one when it comes to corruption. We have already lost much at this term so please don’t let anyone take advantage of your situation rather directly visit the officials. They will help you for sure.

• You need to have a valid address proof. In case you don’t have one then you can submit an affidavit that states your address. In this case, officials will enquire your details after you submit the Ration Card Form.

• All the persons whose name you want to get entered in your future Ration Card must not be registered with any other rashan card in the country.

Who can apply for Ration Card?

Ration Card can be applied by the head of the family on behalf of all family members that he/she wants to be in. It mean different family member don’t need to apply for a separate Ration Card. All can be accumulated in one and benefits will also be clubbed depending on the count of the family members. So don’t worry about that.

Eligibility for Antayodaya and BPL Ration Cards (Yellow, White, Pink, Blue, Green and other colored ration cards)

Antayodaya Ration card is issued to families who don’t have a stable income source.

BPL (most Yellow and Pink colored card) Ration Card is for the families whose income lies below the poverty line threshold.
Families who don’t have an LPG connection, can apply for a blue ration card. Blue Ration Card users are eligible for claiming kerosene oil at subsidized rate.

I will suggest you to read this article for more information about various types of Ration Cards and their uses:

Ration Card Types with Unique Benefits

Do let me know if you still have doubts with Ration Card eligibility or anything like.

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