Ration Card Fees - New, Renewal, Editing Fees


How much fees is charged for new Ration Cards? How much I need to pay to add/delete names in Ration Card? What is the fess for issuing duplicate Ration Card? These are few common questions to every Ration Card user who either want to create new Rashan card or want to change some details in existing card (be it including or addition of new name or removal of exiting name). You will find answer to every query here.

Fee Charged for new Ration Cards

Indian Government is very lean towards new Ration Cards. Government wants every Indian individual to get his/her name registered into Rasan Cards. Same is reflected from the rules that are imposed to create new Ration Cards. Be it required documents or application fee, both are minimal and all together it is a very easy process to get new Ration Card in India.
Check: How to apply for Ration Card Online/Offline
It will give you clear picture of what I am trying to say.

Coming to the fee details then Government bodies will charge you anywhere between Rs. 5 to Rs. 45. It varies from state to state and ration card type.

As I stated above, price differs state to state but in general we can classify the price as below:

Antayodaya Ration Cards- Rs. 3

BPL Ration Cards- Rs. 5

APL Ration Cards- Rs. 10

In Bengaluru/Bangalore IR Area and Bailahongal Taluk of Belagum district, computerized ration cards are issued which will cost you somewhere around Rs 45 for the entire process. This fee is applicable to all the regions where electronic or computerized ration cards are issued.

Fee for duplicate Ration Cards

Duplicate Ration Cards are helpful in case someone loose his/her Ration Card. Duplicate Ration Cards will let you avail the usual rasan card benefits till you get the original one.

Application fee for duplicate rashan card ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 45 and depends on State and Card Type.

Like the new Ration Cards, duplicate ration cards are also issued by Indian Public Distribution System (PDS) but state Government has the right to allocate dedicated organization for the same. You can get these details from your nearby Food Supply office.

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