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Ration Card is one of the most crucial and must have document in India. Best thing about Ration Card is its registration process. Government authorities have worked hard and have ensured every Ration card aspirant to go through a smooth process while applying for Ration Card. Ration Card on a broad level depends on the respective state government and different states have different policies for getting/creating the Ration Card. Here we will check the procedure to create rashan card both online as well as offline.

Please note that we will be discussing the ration card application process for a general level. In coming days we will cover the rasan card application process for different-different states also.

How to apply for Ration Card Online?

Ration Card Online process depends on state government and is limited to those states only where arrangements for online Ration Card process are made. In case you state has the provision to apply for Ration Card online then simply visit your state’s food supply official website, search for the link “Ration Card Online” or something related. Fill in all the details and submit then.

This is simple, usual verification process will be conducted afterwards (same for both online and offline modes). After verification, you will be issued your Ration Card.

Details you need to fill/upload in online process are your passport size photo, family photo, identity proof (residence proof also).

Apply Ration Card Offline

In case you want to go with the second way i.e. Ration Card Offline then you will have to visit your area’s Food and Supply Department (there might be some separate authority to deal with Ration Card process in your state so please check accordingly and visit the concerned office).

There you can ask for the Ration Card registration form (in some states this form is also known as D1). Just fill in and submit to the concerned person. You can also download this D1 form online and then can submit it the usual way.

Documents in offline process will be same as they were in the online process and you will have to submit your passport size photo, family photo and address proofs. Please check your state rules as required documents may vary from state to state.

Affidavit Required in Ration Card Process

You will have to produce some statements in form of stamped affidavit. This affidavit will declare that you or none of your family member’s name is included in any other Ration Card in India. You will have to declare your permanent address in this affidavit along with the statement that you are living in area for more than 5 years.

Once you submit the details, you will issued a Ration Card Number and will be issued the hard copied Ration Card after few days.

How to track Ration Card Status?

You can track your Ration Card status online with help of State Government’s Food and Supply official website. You can check the complete tutorial here.

What details are verified before issuing Ration Card?

Once you submit your details with the Food and Supply office, officials (mainly inspectors and sub-inspectors in the department) will verify your particulars. In most of the cases, he/she will visit your home to verify and enquire all the required details. In some cases they might check your details with either voter list or census records.

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