Search Delhi Ration Card (by Name and Number)


Delhi Ration Card Search is an automated process to search ration card details using either ration card number (Aadhar card number required also) or card holder’s name. Here we will learn to check ration card details by both ration card number as well as by names. Please make sure to have below details before moving towards the main tutorial:

• Aadhar Number
• Ration Card Numbers

Once you have above details, you can proceed further with the below guides.

How to search Delhi Ration Card using Ration Card/Aadhar Number

Follow this guide:

• Visit Official portal from here

• You will see below page:

Search Delhi Ration Card using UIDAI/Ration Card Number

• Enter Aadhar Card Number (UIADI Number) of any of the family member that is a part of your ration card

• In the second column, enter NFS application ID

• In the next two boxes, enter ration card numbers of both the old as well as newly applied ration card. For newly applied ration card, number will be mostly in format AAY12.. and for old ration cards, it will be something like 077..

• Hit the “Search” button

You will get ration card details of newly applied card after this.

How to search Delhi Ration Card using names on the card

If you don’t have above details and want to search ration card by name then you can do that as well.
Follow below guide:

• Visit this link

• It will look similar to page shown below:

Search Delhi Ratin Card by Name

• There will be 4 columns to fill in total

• In the first column/box, enter Beneficiary's Name. It is nothing but the name of the Head of the Family.

• Enter Father's/Husband's Name in 2nd column

• Now enter the House Number that you have mentioned during the ration card registration process

• Enter the mobile number. Please try to put one that you have submitted along your application. It might work with other mobile numbers as well but please go with the official one only.

Once done, hit the Search Button and you will get details of newly applied ration card in Delhi.
These are two guides that will help you find ration card details using 2 different parameters. Go for the one according to your need to get required details about your ration card.

In case you don’t find your details there (and you are sure that you are entering correct details), please visit your nearby ration card or Food and Supply office to check live status and do report there about this mismatch also.

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