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Being one of the most essential and highly valued documents, Ration Card has gained immense importance in India. Every Indian is supposed to have his/her name get enrolled inside a ration card. There was a time when everything was on files i.e. offline but now with time, things are changing slowly and slowly. It is not like records are not written anywhere offline now. They are still kept in files but they are now getting stored in huge and highly secured central databases. Main motive behind keeping the records stored in online repositories is to extract them using online queries and provide end users online facilities about Ration Card.

This is the entire concept behind digitizing the Indian ration cards. Most of the State Governments has already done it and rest are trying their best to get everything online. Here we will check the steps required to check ration card status in India.

How to search Ration Cards Online

Follow below procedure to search Ration Cards online:

1. Visit State Official Ration Card Portal or Food and Supply Website
2. Check for the option “Search Ration Card”
3. Enter your details (Aadhar Card Number, Ration Card Number or Name)
4. You will get your ration card details

This is how you can search and find any rashan card online in India.

Ways to search Rashan card

You can search rasan card using below options:

1. Using UIDAI/Aadhar Card Number: You can search your ration card online by simply inputting your Aadhar number in the box provided at ration card portal.

2. Ration Card Number: If you are allocated a permanent ration card or any receipt number/acknowledgment number, you can use that for finding your card as well.

3. By Name: You can search ration cards using names also. While using name as the search criteria, you will need to provide area/address details also. It will search for all the persons with same name in that particular area. You can differentiate between two on basis of exact address or family address. In some of the states you can differentiate on basis of family photograph also.

This is how you can search ration card details using any of the above mentioned methods.

Search Ration Card Statewise

Here is how you can search ration card details in different Indian states. We will keep adding more states as we cover them.

Andhra Pradesh Chandigarh

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