Check Online Ration Card Status Andhra Pradesh (AP)


Applied online/offline for Ration card in Andhra Pradesh and are looking for checking Ration Card status now? If yes then here we will guide you with step by step detail about how to check rashan card status in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is among the states which has completely modified the Ration Card process and has brought it entirely to the online platform. There might be few issues with online registration for new Ration Cards in AP but I hope that will be resolved very soon and we will be able to use all Rasan Card related activities directly from the official website.

How to Check Ration Card Status Online in Andhra Pradesh

Let me clear few things before moving towards the main process. In order to check status online, you need to register for it first (obviously) and another thing is ration card registration number that you will need in the entire process.

So assuming that you have both, let’s move to the next step and see how to check rasan card status in AP.

• Visit the official AP Ration Card Website.

• Login there as existing account. You will need to enter the user ID and password that you created during registration process.

• After entering the credentials, you will see a screen with Ration Card option. Just select it and check for “Ration card Status” option.

• You will need to enter your Ration Card Registration Number now (the number that you got after successful online registration)

• Hit search or simply enter and that’s it!

It will now show status of your ration card process. I am not sure whether it will show the exact dates when concerned inspector is going to vigil your house to verify your details or like when your ration card is going to be dispatched by the authorities but it will definitely help you with the workflow about with whom your ration card is pending or what all stages it still needs to complete.

This is how you can track and search ration card status in Andhra Pradesh. In case online registration process is not working then unfortunately you will have no other options rather than visiting your nearby ration card cell to get the complete assistance.

Do let us know if you need our help on anything.

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