Benefits and uses of Ration Card


Ration Card is among the most crucial identity card for Indian citizen. It is the root of all other cards and provides lot of useful services in the country. Here we will see some of the important uses and benefits of Ration Card that will force you to apply for Ration Card very soon. Ration cards are of many types and people asks queries like White Ration Card benefits. White Ration Card is limited to few states only and you can find its relative benefits by chasing the its category. You can get all details about Ration Card Types and Categories from here.

Ration Card Benefits

Coming to the benefits part, then Ration Card can be used for following services:

1. Uses in Fair Price Shops/Ration Depots

This is the biggest and most important use of a Ration Card. You can use Ration Card in your card allocated fair price shop or rashan depot and can avail Government subsidy on day to day household things. For more information about what all you can get in ration depots, it is advised to visit your nearby distribution center (as the distribution list varies with time) but in general you will get all the household items there. Subsidy rates are different for different Ration Card category but there will be something for every individual that holds a ration card.

2. As Identity and Residence Proof

Ration card can be used at all the places where you need certificates related to your identity and residence proof. You need them almost in each Government process. So ration card becomes very crucial for this particular thing.

3. PAN Card, Passport Address Proof

Ration Card can also be used for validating your address for two other important cards PAN Card and Passport. Both these cards are important in terms of finance and travel.

4. LPG Connection

You need to submit your Ration Card duplicate copy for getting a new LPG connection. Initially it was applicable to all the Indian states but now it is limited to few states only.

5. Aadhar Card, Landline/SIM address verification

Ration Card is a valid document for validating your personal identity with Aadhar Card process. It can also be used for getting new Landline or SIM connection for your mobile.

So these are some of the very common benefits of Rasan Card. Ration Card can be used anywhere where you need to work with your identity and address proofs. I know several other uses must be coming in your minds. Please do let us know you views and unique uses that you have made so far with your Ration Card.

I hope you have realized the importance of Ration Card till now. So in case you do not have a Rasan Card yet then it is the best time to apply and get one.

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  1. Can it be used for making electricity bill free of cost?