Ration Card- Everything You Need to Know About


Ration Card (also called Rashan or Rasan Card) is among one of the most essential government document/card in India. It is used for various tasks like proving your identity, house address, family details etc But the most important thing that Ration Card is used for is to purchase day to day items from Government authorized fair price shops. These fair price shops are commonly also known as Ration Depots (Rasan and Rashan Depots also) and one usually buys following commodities there (everything that you will buy at Rashan Depots will be available at subsidized rates):

• Wheat
• Rice
• Wheat powder
• Sugar
• Oil cans (packets)
• Pulses
• Kerosene oil
• Salt
• etc

These are few common items that you can buy at Ration Card shops.

Uses of Ration Card in India

First and most crucial use of Rashan card is its use for availing subsidized household items every month. But it is not all, Rasan Card can also be used for various other tasks like:

• Identity proof
• Proof for making domicile certificate
• Birth Certificates (You will need a ration card for application process)
• Birth certificate
• Address proof for PAN Card
• Proof for Aadhar Card
• etc

In short, Ration Card can be used anywhere where you want to prove your identity in terms of address and Indian nationality.

How to apply for Ration Card Online?

Ration Card can be obtained from both online as well as offline ways. We have covered entire process in different articles. You can check them from here:

Apply for Ration Card Online

Apply for Ration Card Offline

You will be charged a minimal fee ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 15 (will vary state wise) for starting the registration process.

Ration Card Schemes

All the Indian Ration card holders are eligible to be a part of every National scheme that Indian Govt launches for Ration Card holders. You don’t need to do any extra efforts from your side to get your card registered under National level schemes. They will be added automatically to your existing card.

How to update and get Ration card stamped?

You might need to get your rasan card stamped every year or every alternate year. You can easily do it by visiting your nearby Food Supply office or the same can be accomplished from nearby Panchayat (local house) also.

Documents needed for Ration Card

Creating a new Ration Card has become lot easier now. You can check the complete process from above referenced links. Coming to the documents part then you can create new Rasan Card with help of voter card, electricity bills, Aadhar Car, Telephone bills etc. You can check below article for complete details about required documents and what to do if you don’t have any of the listed document with you.

Check: Documents needed for creating new Ration Card

Ration Card Types

For now Indian Government is issuing 3 types of Ration Cards.

1. Antyodya Ration Card (issued for families with no stable income)
2. BPL Ration Card (families under Below Poverty Line,BPL index)
3. APL Ration Card (families with income above poverty line)

Ration Cards are issued in different colors also. You can check complete details from here:

Various Ration Card types and who can apply for them?

These are the common details that one need to know about Ration Card in India. Do let us know if you need anything else on the topic Ration Card.

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