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Ration Card in Meghalaya is one of the cards that every Meghalaya citizen want to see his/her name onto. Here we will guide you with details about how to get new ration card in Meghalaya, renew ration card, modify existing details (name, address etc), duplicate ration card, status track etc. In short we will be guiding you with everything that you need to know about Rasan Card in Meghalaya.

How to get New Ration Card in Meghalaya

You can easily get yourself enrolled with Ration card by following below mentioned steps:

• Visit District Supply Office and ask for the new ration card form there.

• Fill in the form completely and submit it to the same District Supply Office (DSO) along with old ration card (if you want any sort of update in the existing card).

• In case you want to apply for complete new card then you will have to submit these certificates along with the ration card application form: residential certificate, income certificate, declaration certificate clearly stating that neither you nor your family members have their names in any other ration card in India.

• Reduction/ Surrender Certificate/ Non Renewal Certificate from the District Supply Office (if you were already registered with ration card)

Once you submit the form you will get brand new ration card (or modified one) within 15 days.

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How to Renew Ration Card in Meghalaya

In order to renew your ration card you need to apply using the similar application form available at District Supply Office (you will have to choose the Renew option in the form obviously). You need to submit residential and income certificates along with the application form also. You will be issued renewed ration card within 7 days.

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How to get Duplicate/Temporary Ration Card in Meghalaya

Duplicate and temporary ration cards are required when your Ration Card is lost or is not in the state that dealers can read the printed details. Temporary Ration Cards are also useful when you switch from one place to other. These are temporary in nature and you need to get original card within the stipulated time.

Application procedure for duplicate/temporary Rasan Card is exact similar as that of applying for a new ration card. In this case you will have to mention the reason why you want to get duplicate ration car allocated for your family. You can get the related forms from DSO.

Duplicate Ration Card

Change Names/Address in Meghalaya Ration card

You can edit/change name and address in existing ration card by simply submitting a change request form at DSO along with the supported documents like newspaper cutting verifying your name change and electricity/telephone/water bill issued for new address. In case you want to add/delete name from Ration Card then you will have to attach proofs like birth/marriage/death/surrender certificates from the concerned offices.

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How to Track Ration Card Status in Meghalaya

You can track ration card status in Meghalaya using the acknowledgment slip that DSO official will issue after accepting your application form. On the acknowledgment slip you will get the expected date when your ration card will be delivered at your home (or you need to collect it from the office). In case your card is issued on the same date then all good otherwise you can start tracking the status using contact details mentioned on the acknowledgment slip. You will need to mention your request number while contacting the officials.

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