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Mizoram people can get Ration Card easily and here we are with step by step details about how to do so. Things that we will cover here are: Ration Card Application Form | Add/Change/Delete Names from Ration Card | Change Address from Mizoram Ration Card | Duplicate Ration Card and a lot more. Like all other states, Ration Card is an important document in Mizoram as well. It helps you get essential items at subsidized rates every month. Not only this, it can help you in many cases with its unique merits and benefits.

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Online Ration Card in Mizoram

In order to get a new ration card in Mizoram, you need to submit application form along with complete details about head of the family and other family members. You will need 2 passport size photo of family as well. You can get ration card application form from DCSOs office and you need to submit the filed form at same office as well. You have to attach proof of residence along with the recommendation from Village Council/Local council. Ration cards are issued under TPDS and you will have to submit Rs. 100 application fee at the time of form submission to concerned office.

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After you submit the application form along with the supported documents, concerned officials will verify your details and will issue a unique Ration Card ID/Number. You will get acknowledgment slip as soon as you submit the application form. You will get approximate time that officials will take to issue your ration card. It will be delivered to you through the concerned Village Council/Local Council.

Ration Card in Mizoram

Types of Ration Card in Mizoram

You can apply for three kinds of ration cards in Mizoram.

1. APL Cards
Above Poverty Line Ration Cards are issued to families with income above the poverty line index. It comes with blue color.

2. BPL Cards
Issues in yellow color cover, BPL ration cards are for families with annual income less that that specified in poverty index. Special subsidies are given for BPL cards.

3. Antyodaya (AAY) Cards
Allocated to families having a BPL card and who meet special conditions. These are pink in color and have highest level of subsidy rates.
In order to get completed details about these ration card categories, I will advise you to read this: Ration Card Categories and Advantages

How to apply for Annapurna Ration Cards

Annapurna Ration Cards are issued to senior citizens above 65 years of age who are not covered by the National Social Assistance Program and have no other means of dignified sustenance. Application procedure is similar to normal ration cards.

Change Name/Address, Add, Delete Names from Mizoram Ration Cards

Name/Address Change
For doing so you will have to submit proofs that shows the validation of new name. It can be as simple as a newspaper cutting where you have given the advertisement of your name change. Just submit new ration card form request along with this cutting. You will be issued new modified ration card carrying your new name in no time.
Same is the case with address change. Here you can give proofs like electricity bill, water, telephone bills etc to show proof of new residency.

Add/Delete Names
If you want to register name of newly born infant then you can do it with help of birth certificate and in case you want to delete name of person who have died recently then you will need his/her death certificate along with the ration card application form.

In cases where you want to migrate names from one ration card to another (mostly happens in case of marriage) then you will need surrender certificate from previous ration card office that should state clearly that your name has been removed from current ration card. You will have to apply for ration card modification at new place by giving the reference of deletion/surrender certificate.

You can use below contact details for all sort of queries related to Ration Card:

Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Treasury Square Venghlui,
Aizawl -796001

Tel. no. : 0389-2322872
Fax : 0389-2321035

EPABX: 0389-2325261


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