How to change details in Karnataka Ration Card Online (Address/Name Change)


You can change your Karnataka Ration Card details online easily. Here we will guide you with various procedures about how to make modification in existing ration cards online. One main thing that most of the people ask is about Karnataka ration card address change online. Don’t worry we will cover this topic along with other changes like name change, member addition/deletion etc. Let us start the main discussion now.

Karnataka Ration Card Address Change – How To

Kindly note that you are allowed to make changes in valid ration cards only. In order to check whether you card is valid or not, you are advised to visit nearest bio-photo center. In rural areas, you shall visit Gram Panchayath office computer center. In case your ration card is invalid or official is not able to find your details online then you will have to go through the entire process of ration card registration in Karnataka again. In case your ration card is valid and officials are able to find your card’s detail then you are good to go with the modification. Please follow below steps to change address in rashan card in Karnataka:

• Visit the bio-photo center or Gram Panchayat office

• Submit your recent electricity bill and other related proofs that shows your address change activity (you can also submit an affidavit that states about address change)

• Save all your details and get them uploaded to internet with help of concerned officials at the office

• Get the acknowledgment slip

• While uploading the new details, you will get to know whether you card in Temporary or Permanent

• In case it is Permanent type then you can anytime visit your nearby Food and Supply office (better to ask the office details at the Panchayat office or bio-photo submission center). Please note that head of family should only visit the office to receive the modified card as he/she will have to verify finger prints while collecting the new card

• In case your card is Temporary in nature then you will have to wait for the Food and Supply office’s SMS about the date when you should visit them to collect and print the new card

• You will have to submit your existing ration card and application fee of Rs. 20 for collecting the new ration card
As I said above, modified ration card is issued to family head only (details are verified using finger print scanner) so please keep this thing in mind.

How to change, add/delete names in Karnataka Ration Card

Entire procedure is same as we discussed above in case of address change. Only thing that differs is the set of documents that you need to produce to bio-photo office and Gram Panchayat. Below are the documents that you need to submit:

Changing Name in Ration Card: Affidavit about name change, old ration card

Addition of Name: Birth certificate (in case of birth) or surrender certificate (in case of marriage) from previous Ration Card body

Deletion of Name: Death certificate or surrender certificate

Application fee and other details remains exact same as in case of address change activity.

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