Check status and search ration card by name, address in Maharashtra


Ration Card is an important document in whole India. It is good that Maharashtra state government is putting various required utilities directly on the online portals. You can now apply online ration card in Maharashtra and can check its status and can in fact search ration card by names, village/address etc. Here we will check the details about how and when you shall start tracking the status of your ration card and what the ways to do so. We will also cover the details about how you can search your card details based on your address or name.

Check Ration Card Status in Maharashtra

I believe we will have to wait for the online tool to check real time status of your ration card application. However here are some useful tips that will help you tracking your card status in a better and efficient way. When you register for a new ration card in Maharashtra, you are provided with an acknowledgment slip. If you carefully look that slip then you will find the expected date when your ration card is supposed to deliver and also the date after which you can approach the ration card office for the card. Simply ask for someone’s contact number in the ration card office during registration part. Contact them on or after the date mentioned in your acknowledgment slip. Your work is done, they will give you the live ration card status in that case.

Ration Card Maharashtra

How to search Maharashtra Ration Card Status by Name/Address

Maharashtra Government maintains an online directory of all the ration cards in state. They have categorized/divided it in terms of various areas so that drilling down can be done in easy/efficient manner. Here is how you can search your ration card details online:

• Visit this link:

• Here you will see 38 places (all districts covered)

• Choose the appropriate area where your ration card belongs to (e.g. Pune, Nagpur, Thane, Latur etc)

• After this you will see Tehsil Names in selected district

• After selecting the Tehsil, you will be taken to the page that shows all the villages under that Tehsil. At each step you will get details about number of ration cards (category wise, AAY, BPL, APL White, Annapurna, PHH, NPH, PHHS)

• After selecting the village, you will see ration cards according to Fair Price Shops (also known as Ration Depots)

• Select the depot you belong to and you will see your ration card details with respect to Ration Card ID, Applicant name, Spouse Name, Card Type and Annual Income.

This is how you can search your ration card in Maharashtra and can track live status of newly applied card.


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