Get Duplicate Ration Card in Haryana


Duplicate Ration Card in Haryana can be issued easily and is of utter importance in various emergency cases. Here we will find out the tutorials that you need to follow to get duplication rahsan card in Haryana. Before that I will suggest you to read below article:

How to get new Ration Card in Haryana

Here are few conditions when you can apply for duplicate ration card:

• You have lost your ration card and want to get a quick fix for availing the PDS subsidy/offers.

• Details on your ration card are not in readable form.

• Your ration card is torn in pieces and is not in the condition to attach the those pieces again

• Anything else that makes it difficult to use the current ration card

These are the valid conditions under which you can apply for duplicate ration card in the state.

Duplicate Ration Card in Haryana

How to apply for duplicate ration card in Haryana

Follow below steps to get duplicate rasan card:

• Like the new ration card process, you will need to fill and submit form D – I for getting the new card

• You can get the D-I form from office of DFSC/AFSO/IFS. You can check the sample forms below:

In case you are unable to read these fonts then please download the font copy as mentioned in above referenced article (article about getting new ration card).

• You can apply for duplicate ration card in District Food & Supplies Controller office or you can also do the same in your nearest ration card authority organization (you can check with your nearby ration card depot, they will give you complete details).

• After filling the D – I form completely; please submit it in the related office. You will get acknowledgment slip with the expected date when new duplicate ration card will be delivered to your address or when you can contact the authorities about status of your duplicate ration card. In general cases it takes around 2 weeks for getting the duplicate card ready and delivered to your address.

• You will be charged application fee of Rs. 10 (no fee will be charged for BPL families)

You can use this duplicate ration card till the time you are allocated a permanent card. You will have to go through the original process of getting a new card with the reason (in affidavit) about why you need a new card.

Do let us know if any queries.

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