Get Duplicate/Temporary Ration Card in Kerala | Change details in Kerala Ration Card


Looking for getting issued a temporary/duplicate ration card in Kerala and also looking for changing your ration card from one ARD (Authorized Ration Dealer) to another? If yes then here we will guide you about how you can do all these activities with your Kerala Ration Card. We will also be looking toward the details that will help you changing your attributes like names, address etc in the existing ration card.

How to change and get temporary/duplicate ration car in Kerala

Procedure is very simple, only complex part is to get issued the required documents from the concerned offices/authorities. In case you want a duplicate or temporary ration car then you will have to mention the reason in an affidavit about the need of getting duplicate ration card. You will also have to submit residential certificate along with your income report/certificate to the TSO. Once you submit the details/documents, you will be issued a duplicate ration card within 7 days of application.

Duplicate Ration Card in Kerala

Applying process is exact similar as you do for the new ration card. You can check the details here:

How to apply for Ration Card in Kerala

How to change Kerala Ration Card from one ARD to another?

This procedure is exact similar like what you follow in case of applying new ration card (link already mentioned above). In this case you might need to produce surrender/deletion certificate from old ARD. You might need to submit new proofs in case you want to change address in Ration Card or want some other amendments. Please get it confirmed from your nearby TSO as policies and requirement keep changing from time to time.

How to change/add/delete name, address in Kerala Ration Card?

Adding Name: In order to add new names to the existing ration card, you will need either birth certificate or surrender/deletion certificate (in case of marriage). Go through the normal ration card process, mention update there and attach the supported documents.

Deleting Names: You will need death or surrender certificate in this case. Procedure is similar like as the of “adding name” scenario.

Change Address: In this case you will have to produce documents/proofs for your new residential address. Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Voter Card, Aadhar Card etc will work here. Once you apply through your nearby Food and Supply office (or TSO), someone from the department will visit your house to verify the new details. Once verified, you will be issued new ration card within 7 days. Processing fee in range Rs. 5-50 will be charged from APL ration card holders.

This is how you can make modifications in Kerala Ration Card. Hope everything is clear and you are ready to make these changes now. But in case of any doubts you can either comment here or can mail the queries to (official mail id of Kerala Ration Card Deptt.).

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