Ration Card Lakshadweep - Apply for new/duplicate/temporary card online


Ration Card in Lakshadweep is an important thing and holds equal importance as that of any other state. Ration Card officials in Lakshadweep has worked well to migrate ration card details to online portals. For now you are able to use below online utilities related to ration card in Lakshadweep:

Online ration card application form/process
• Ration card form Lakshadweep
• Changes in existing ration card
Ration card search
Ration card status

Officials are trying hard to add more values to this shell. In this article we will discuss the basics of how to utilize various online ration card functions in Lakshadweep and save important time and money.

Ration Card Lakshadweep

How to apply online for ration card in Lakshadweep

Application process is simple and include below steps:

• Download the online ration card form from here

• It will ask for various details like Card Type (APL/BPL/AAY/SBPL), details of family head and other members, residential details and many more. Fill all the columns with all possible details. I will suggest you to fill in the details in your nearby ration card office as you will find it much easy to clear any doubts related to any field in the entire form (you can ask your doubts here as well)

• Attach all the required proofs/documents alongside

• Once you are done with the form filling part, submit it to the SDO (or concerned government officer in the Food Supply office or ration card office)

Your ration card in Lakshadweep will be issued by any of the below authority:
• SDO (Sub Divisional Officer)
• DC (Deputy Commissioner)
• Assistant SDO

After submitting the application form, you will get the acknowledgment slip that will have ration card status tracking number and expected delivery dates. You can track ration card status in Lakshadweep in between also but it is advised to directly visit the office (where you have submitted the application form) on or after the date that is mentioned in the acknowledgment slip.

Procedure is similar for duplicate/temporary ration card. In such cases you will have to attach supporting documents with the application form.

Track Ration Card in Lakshadweep

As I mentioned above, you will get tracking number in the acknowledgment slip after successful registration. You can either use this tracking number or can visit the office on or after the date specified on the same ack. Slip.

Application fee and time taken for issuing new ration card in Lakshadweep

Ration card processing fee in Lakshadweep is Rs. 3 generally (it may vary with time) and authorities will issue new ration card in 1-2 weeks only. Once you submit the application form, Food and Supply inspector will visit your home to verify given details. They may refer to other identities like voter card, Aadhar Card for validating your details. Once they are satisfied with the details, they will give the clearance and your ration card will be issued/printed only then.

This is the procedure how you can get new/temporary/duplicate ration card in Lakshadweep. Make sure to provide correct details in the form itself so that any sort of hustle can be avoided.

In case of queries/concerns, you can use this toll free number: 1800-425-3186

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