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Renew your Delhi FPS License here. Delhi Food and Supply authority has taken the initiative for renewing and downloading the FPS License online for the first time. It is the latest offer/facility in the complete suit that allows you to apply, check ration card status and much more on online platforms only. With this utility, you will be able to renew your FPS (Fair Price Shop) license and at the same time can also download the provisional certificate for renewal license of Fair Price Shop (FPS).

How to renew FPS (Fair Price Shop) License online in Delhi

Follow below guide:

1. Visit this website:

2. It will ask you to enter FPS License Number and will look like below:

3. Once you submit the license number, hit “Search” button. It will search your existing license copy related to your FPS number.

4. After the search is completed, you will see your FPS details (license details like renew status, time left for expiration etc). You will be given FPS renewal form.

5. Enter the prompted details required for renewing your FPS license.

6. You may be asked for the online payment. It is completely safe and no worries at this point. But still if you don’t have the required mediums (like net baking facility or something like) or simply don’t want to go for online payment, you can do the same by visiting nearby Food and Supply office (or ration card allocated office).

This is how you can renew your expiring FPS license in Delhi. Now let we move to the download part.

How to download provisional certificate for renewal license of Fair Price Shop

As soon as you completed the renewal process, you will be issued a provisional certificate for renewal license. You can download the same using below procedure:

• Visit

• It will look like below image:

• Enter asked details like FPS License Number, Application Number

• After entering all the details, hit the “Search” button.

This is it! You will see your provision renewal card. Download it and get it printed in colored fonts (black and white will work as well). You can use this printed provisional certificate for FPS license renewal till you get the original license copy shipped to your given address.

Delhi is a big state in terms of Ration card holders. Till now (April 2016) 19,54,800 families are provided the cover under Food Security scheme. It is a big number and officials are expecting it to grow more in coming time. So get yourself registered and get your FPS license renewed as soon as possible.

Check the video tutorial below:

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