Add/Modify, Delete Name and change address in Haryana Ration Card


Haryana Government allows the ration card customers to add, delete names from existing ration cards and also allows users to modify/change ration card address from the existing card. Here we will cover all the details that are required to add/delete or change address in existing ration card in Haryana. All these utilities are very common and useful for ration card holders in the state.

Now let we have a quick look on how to make these changes in the existing rashan card.

How to add/change names in Haryana Ration Card

• New birth in the family
• Separated family wants to have a joint ration card (in this case one family members will have to remove their names from existing card)
• Marriage (in general cases bride will change her address so she will get her name added to new ration card and her parents will have to delete her name from their ration card)

Food and Supply Department Haryana

Follow below steps to add/change names in Haryana Ration Card:
• You need to submit the changes in D – I form which can be availed from office of DFSC/AFSO/IFS.
• In case of new infant, you will have to submit birth certificate and passport size family photograph

• In case of marriage, you will need to submit surrender certificate of wife/daughter-in-law
• If you want to change your name in the ration card (let say your name is mis-spelled or you have changed your name) then you will need to submit affidavit clearly stating the name change along with the supported document that carries your original corrected name
• Simply submit the application form and get the acknowledgment slip that will carry the approx. dates when your new amended ration card can be issued

How to delete names from Ration Card in Haryana

Procedure for deleting names from ration card is same as addition. In this case you will have to submit death certificate or surrender certificate (whichever is applicable) of the family member whose name you want to delete from the ration card. Rest of the method is exact similar.

How to change address in Haryana Ration Card

Procedure for changing address is also quite similar. In this case you need to submit the application form with surrender certificate from the authority of old place of residence or old ration card. After submitting the form, you will get ration card issued in 2 weeks max (may vary).

How to track Ration Card Status in Haryana

You can track live ration card status by visiting your nearby ration card office or the office where you have submitted your application. I will advise you to get contact number of someone who is working in the ration card office (you can get it when you go there for submitting your application) so that you can get live updates about your application.

Alternatively you can also contact the officials after the specified dates that are mentioned in the acknowledgment slip.

This is how you can add/change, delete and modify address in your ration card in Haryana. Do let us know if you need mre help on any of these issues.

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