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Ration Card in Haryana can be applied through offline procedure easily. Haryana has a dedicated online portal for Food and Supply department but online application procedure is yet to start and as soon as concerned department starts it, we will update you here. Here we will guide you about how you can get new ration card in Haryana. Procedure is simple and will not take much time.

There are few points that you need to consider when you are applying for ration card for the first time in life. We will discuss more about these points in remaining section of this article.

How to get new Ration Card in Haryana

Please complete below steps for getting registered for ration card in Haryana:

• You will need to duly fill the D-1 form either in the Food and Supply office or your nearest ration card office. You can easily get these forms in your district Food and Supply office (or from nearest ration card office).

• If you want to look at the sample of D 1 form, then please download below two files (one is the official D 1 form and other is the supported font file). Without downloading the Font file, you won’t be able to view D 1 form so please download both of them.

• You will need to submit two passport size photos of family (person’s whose name you want to see on the Ration Card). Both the photos must be attested by gazette officer.

• If it is your first time then you will have to submit one affidavit clearly stating that neither you nor any of the family member’s name is there in any other ration card in India. It is an important part so please follow it strictly. Regular inspections are being conducted now so please do not fake any records here.

• In the same affidavit, you will have to mention your residence places in last 5 years and permanent address alongside.

• Once you have these documents, submit your application form. you will get the confirmation slip which have the details about expected dates when your ration card can be issued or when you should contact officials about the ration card status.

• In the meantime, government inspector/sub inspector will visit your residence address and will verify various details He/she may use your information enrolled with voter card or aadhar card for reaching final conclusion.

• Depending on the inspection, he/she will clear your ration card status. Once you ration card application process is verified by the Food and Supply inspector, you will be issued a new ration card within few days. General period is 7-15 days.

• You can collect your ration card from the same office where you have submitted the D1 form.

Check: Duplicate Ration Card in Haryana

Haryana Government will soon integrate Public Distribution System (PDS) with Aadhar cards. As per Haryana's Chief Minister (CM) they are planning to integrate both the departments so that corruption in PDS scheme at any level can be avoided. Once the scheme is launched, people will be able to buy foodstuffs using ration card only after verifying their bio metrics. Without bio metrics attendance, distributor will not be allowed to sell any foodstuff to ration card bearer.

We have seen such implementation in Jharkhand recently. It was in news as bio metric machines were not working properly and they were not able to identify patterns for more than half of the ration card holders. Such situation can surely put a chaos so Haryana government will have to be double sure while buying and allocating bio metric attendance machines at fair price shops. It would be amazing if they can come up with some alternatives to prove one's identity besides using bio metric sensors.

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