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Food and Supply Department Himachal Pradesh has made it very easy to apply and get new/modified ration card in the state. We will be checking out different scenarios when one can apply for ration card in Himachal Pradesh. Like any other Indian state, Ration Card is a crucial document in HP also which is used to get essential items at subsidized rates from the fair price shops or ration depots. It can be used for several other tasks like identification verification, residence proof etc.

Ration Card Himachal Pradesh

Eligibility for Ration Card in Himachal

Below are the scenarios when one can apply for ration card in the HP:

Person has no ration card

If you are falling under this category then you will have to produce a document clearly stating that neither you nor your family member (whose name you want to see on the new ration card) have names in any other ration card in the country. You must get it approved/attested from Panchayat Pradhan / Inspector, FCS&CA / Concerned Authority. You can get this certificate by submitting an affidavit to the concerned authority. You will have to submit this certificate along with the ration card application while applying.

Temporary Ration Card

This ration card is used by migratories. As the name says it is temporary in nature and its validity can last up to 3 months only. If you go through the proper channels then you can get it extended a bit (please contact your nearest food and supply office for complete details).

Duplicate Ration Card

Duplicate ration card can be issued for any of the below reason:
• Defaced ration card
• Mutilated
• Illegible
• Original card lost (must need an affidavit for the same)

You can get issued a duplicate ration card for above scenarios.

Address change in Ration Card

It is valid in transfer case. When you are transferred to new location and want to get your address changed in the ration card then you can apply under this case. You will need a deletion/surrender certificate issued by Panchayat Pradhan/ Inspector, FCS&CA of previous area clearly stating that your address is changed. This document/certificate should be attached with the new ration card application form.


In case of marriage, deletion/surrender certification is needed similarly like above request. For birth cases, you will have to attach birth certificate along with the application form. Similarly death certificate needed to be attached for death cases when you need to delete name from the existing card.

Certificates required, application form and fee

Already discussed but let we sum up the things here. For issuing a new ration card you need to submit affidavit that you don’t hold any other ration card in entire country. Other certificates required are birth certificate, death certificate, deletion/surrender certificate etc (all the certificates are required for relevant scenarios).

You need to submit your ration card application form to the Panchayat Pradhan in case of rural areas and to the Inspector (FCS&CA) in case of urban areas.

Himachal Pradesh Ration Card Form can be found below:

Form in Hindi
Form in English

For new and duplicate ration card, you will be charged a minimal fee of Rs. 5 (for APL families only).

How to apply for ration card in Himachal Pradesh

You need to submit ration card application form along with other required document to the Panchayat Pradhan in case of rural areas and to the Inspector (FCS&CA) in case of urban areas. Your application must be attested by either head of the office or Municipal Commissioner or Gazetted Officer or MLA/Ward Member.

After submitting the application form, you will receive the acknowledgment slip with the expected date when you can get new ration card issued. It generally takes up to a complete week (7 days to be more precise) and during that time, officials from Food and Supply office will verify your details. You can check ration card status from the office where you have submitted the application form.

Digital Ration Card Himachal Pradesh

Government is about to make radical change in ePDS Himachal Pradesh process. As per State Food and Supplies Minister G.S. Bali, process of digitizing ration cards in state would be completed this year itself. They are targeting December 2016 for completing the digitization process. From January 2017 onwards, ePDS users in Himachal Pradesh will be able to get foodstuffs using digital ration cards. As per the official figures, this process is going to target 1.54 bogus ration cards which will be cancelled once the process is digitized completely. It will save good amount of money which can be used in other productive works.

At present, state Government is servicing to 18,18,399 ration cards. However after digitization this count will be reduced to 16,64,123 only. Digitization will help officials to track each and everything through digital channels. It will be fast, reliable and crystal clear where all sort of corruption can be avoided.

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