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Madhya Pradesh Government has provided several ration card related facilities online. These include: Apply online ration card in Madhya Pradesh | online ration card form Madhya Pradesh | Duplicate Ration Car Madhya Pradesh | Ration Card Update in Madhya Pradesh |Address/Name Change in Ration Card etc. Here we will look at each of these service and will learn about them in detail.

I would advise you to reach out MP ration card department directly in case you have any doubts/queries about any process. If you have any complains about ration card deppt then you can register them on 181 and in case you want to know about something particular then you can call on 0755-2551466.

Apply Online Ration Card in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh, you can apply for different kind of ration cards. It include APL, BPL, Antyadoya etc. Different benefits are given for different categories. You can get complete details from here.

You can find complete details about how to apply for online ration card and related application form/required documents from here.

Ration Card Status in Madhya Pradesh

After submitting the application to concerned office, you will be given an acknowledgment slip. It will have details like registration number, expected dates of ration card delivery, contact details etc. If you want to track live status of ration card then you need to follow below steps:

• Visit this link: http://bhopalbplcard.org/BPLStatus.aspx

• It will look like below image:

Ration Card Status MP

• This page will ask you to enter registration number. Enter the number that is given on the acknowledgment slip (registration slip).

• After submitting the number (by hitting GO button), you will get your ration card status online.

How to Update MP Ration Card Details

You can update your MP ration card details by submitting proper proofs of updated parameter. Process is similar to new ration card i.e. you need to submit application form to the nearby ration card office but here you will need to attach supported documents that validates the update/change that you want to apply in the Ration Card. For example if you want to add name in the existing ration card then you will have to provide birth certificate of newborn or if it is the case of marriage then you will have to get surrender certificate of bride (in most of the cases) from previous ration card office.

In case you want to change address then you will need surrender certificate from previous ration card body + documents supporting your new address (electricity bill, telephone bill etc).
This is how you can use various services provided by MP Government for the Ration Card. Do let us know if you want to know anything else or have issues/concerns.

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