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Ration Card Search is an easy and very useful feature that Jharkhand state government has embedded in the official PDS portal. Till now we have discussed the steps that you need to follow to register ration card online in Jharkhand. Now we will see the tutorial about how you can search any ration card in Jharkhand. By using this feature you can anytime see details of your as well as your relative’s ration card. This has extreme use when you are stuck at something i.e. about filling some ration card detail online and you don’t have the physical access to card (let say you are in cafĂ© and submitting some form. You need ration card number for the same). In such cases you can use this feature to find out any detail about your registered rashan card in state.

How to search ration card in Jharkhand

Already mentioned above, it is an online feature provided by Jharkhand state government. Whenever you apply and get ration card in Jharkhand, your details are stored in a central database (it is a safe DB and your details are protected very well). You can query to the database to get details of any card stored within it. Now let we see how you can query and search for rasan card:

• Visit this link: http://pdsreport.jharkhand.gov.in/secc_cardholders/searchRation

• You will get below page:

Ration Card Search in Jharkhand

• Choose your “District” from the drop down menu listing all 27 districts in the state

• After selecting the district, it’s time for selecting the “Block”

• Now if you want to search the cards according to village then choose “Village/Ward” option otherwise if you are okay with dealer area then select “Dealer” option. Dealer option is beneficial for dealers only as it gies them the option to have a look at the count and real people who are supposed to get items from his/her fair price shop. For general people, I will suggest to go with the Village/Ward option only.

• Select the Card Type (either PH or AAY)

• If you have the ration card number then enter it or otherwise you can leave this filed blank also. If you search using the ration card number then it will show details pertaining to that ration card only. If you don’t enter card number then it will give details of all the ration cards belonging to selected Village or dealer.

• Once you are done with everything, hit the “Submit” button.

You will now get the detail of your ration card that you can use anywhere now. Although tutorial is simple but still if you have any doubts or are facing any issues with the interface then please let us know.

Ration Card Status Check

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