Search Karnataka Ration Card by Name, Number online


With efforts of Karnataka state government and related authorities, ration card holders in state can now complete most of the essential tasks online. They can register rashan card online, can track its status online and can even make modifications in the existing card. These are very common tasks that rasan card holder needs to perform on regular basis. Stamping system is yet to come and hopefully government/officials will bring ration card stamping system online very soon.

In this article we will check the steps that will allow you to search Karnataka ration card online by name and ration card number. Like other facilities/utilities, it is also a very useful activity that can help best when you need ration card details in remote areas where you don’t have the physical card with you. You can anytime extract the card details from online database and can use them anywhere you want.

How to search Karnataka Ration Card by name and ration card number

Follow below guide:

1. Visit official website:

2. You will see this page:

Ration Card Search

3. Enter ration card number/name and registered mobile number in the dedicated fields

4. Hit GO option

That’s it! You will get your ration card transaction status and other details as soon as you hit the go button.
Kindly note that all results are provided by FCS department and we will not be liable for any sort of discrepancy with your card details.

Ration Card Message Cervices in Karnataka

In Karnataka you can use ration card dedicated message services. I order to use message services related to rashan card, authorities have launched new number: 9731979899

You can get answers to all your queries/concerns using this number. In case your concerns are not resolved using SMS services then you can use this contact sheet to reach out directly to the deputy director of your area. This contact list include all districts like Bengaluru, Mysore/Mysuru, Bijapur etc (it have contact details as per divided areas in the whole districts which means you can see more than one contact detail for one district).

This is all about how to search ration card details as per ration card number, mobile number and by name in Karnataka. If government will add more features to the ration card process in state, we will cover that here. So keep visiting.

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