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Telangana is newest Indian state that is formed after bifurcation from Andhra Pradesh. No doubt Telangana State Government has one of the best sophisticated and well-designed e-portal where all the important services can be found easily. Here we will talk about Ration Card in Telangana which is one of the most crucial document that every Telangana household is assumed to have. Besides providing usual subsidies on selected food grains/items, ration cards can also be used under several other circumstances. You can find a glimpse below:

Ration Card Benefits

Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh

Application procedure is similar as that was in Andhra Pradesh however you need to modify your existing card a little. Here we will guide you with the procedure about how to obtain a new ration card in Telangana. It is valid for the cases where none of the family member has ever enrolled his/her name in any other Indian ration card (or have deleted their names if they were registered with some other card). Kindly note that the procedure that we will discuss here is common throughout state including areas like:

• Hyderabad
• Warangal
• Nizamabad
• Karimnagar
• Ramagundam
• Mahbubnagar
• Khammam
• Nalgonda
• Adilabad
• Suryapet
• Siddipet
• Miryalaguda

Telangana Ration Card

Apply for new Ration Card in Telangana

Application procedure I simple and as I mentioned above is similar that of Andhra Pradesh. All you need to do is to fill in one simple form, attach required proofs and then submit that to Ration Card office. Here I have summed up the entire steps:

• Download this online form

• You need to fill in very simple details like ration card type (APL, BPL, AAY or AAP), Family details, household income etc

• Attach the set of documents that are required for ration card (Check: Documents required for Ration Card)

• In case of Telangana, you need to submit Meeseva Application Form, Passport size photograph and other required documents. Meeseva application form is something different than other states so go and submit Meeseva application first (if you haven’t submitted yet)

• Submit the application form at Ration card office (you can get this application from fro office also)

This is how you can apply for New Ration Card in Telangana. Once you submit the application form along with the other documents, government official will validate the certificates/proofs and if passed, he/she will conduct visit to your specified address. There they will verify other details. Once everything is cleared, you ration card will be issued asap. In normal cases it might take anywhere between 7-15 days for getting the ration card issued after application form submission.

We have also covered other details that might help you in your Ration Card journey. Check below:

Ration Card Status in Telangana

Modify existing Ration Card in Telangana

Duplicate Ration Card in Telangana

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