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Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest Indian states (population wise and area wise also, although not biggest). When it comes about providing essential services to UP people then UP Government is trying hard to get everything done at the right pace and right spot. Here we will discuss about how to get online Ration card in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Ration Card being one of the most crucial government documents, is required by each family to get various subsidies/discounts under PDS scheme. Same is the case in UP, here too you will need Ration Card for any such things. Besides subsidies, these can also be used for several other purposes where you are required to generate your residence, identity proof.

Ration Card UP

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In UP, you can be issued 3 kinds of ration cards. Ration card category/type is based on your income state and can easily be identified using color of the cover.

Yellow Cover: APL
White Color: BPL
Pink: Antyodaya Families

Apply online for UP Ration Card

Application process is simple. You need to follow below steps:

1. Get the D1 application form from your nearby center.

2. Fill in complete details.

3. Do check in the boxes where you are asked to provide statements like neither you nor your family members are enrolled in any other Ration card (if you are applying for a new card) in India, surrender certificate, ration card category etc

4. Submit the form once you are done and get the acknowledgment slip.

5. After submitting the application, invigilator will visit your house to verify them. If they are satisfied then you will be issued new
ration card within 8-12 days of submitting the application.

Apply Online Ration Card

Documents required for Ration Card

Renew Ration Card in UP

Renewal is an important part in entire Ration card life cycle. You need to renew it manually to ensure that up to dated details are there in the card. You can get complete details about how you can renew your card to continue getting various advantages. You can find complete details here:

On the similar track, you can get details about surrender ration card from here:

Surrender certificate is required the most when you need to change some details (manly during migration) from your existing ration card. You need to produce it every time when you want to migrate details from one card to another. You won’t be able to do it without surrender/deletion certificate.

This is all about how to apply for new ration card online/offline in Uttar Pradesh. Do let us know your concerns/queries on same (if any).

Check Ration Card Details/Status in UP

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