Check Status and Search Ration Card in Rajasthan


In this article you will get details on how to Search Rajasthan Ration card | How to Check Ration card status in Rajasthan. Both online utilities are provided by Rajasthan Government and any ration card aspirant can avail them for free. Till now we have covered detailed guide on other facilities like how to get Ration Card in Rajasthan. Ration Card being an important and crucial document, needs proper care but if anyhow you have lost it or it has become illegible then you can anytime apply for the duplicate ration card in Rajasthan. Procedure is similar as that of applying a new card, however you will have to mention the reason of getting the duplicate card (application fee will vary as per the reason) plus you will have to get clearance from your FPS (Fair Price Shop)/Ration Depot dealer.

How to check Ration Card Status in Rajasthan

Follow this guide:

• Visit official status tracking website from here:

• It will open a page like this:

Ration Card Search and Status in Rajasthan

• Enter details like Ration Card Number, Name, Mother’s/Father’s/Spouse’s name, address, PAN Card Number, registered mobile number, voter ID card number, rural/urban area type, block, panchayat, village. Once done, hit the “Search” button.

You will now get live status of your Ration Card. It will help you in tracking the modified details (if any) and expected delivery time when it could be delivered to your specified address/ration card office.

Search Rajasthan Ration Card as per Name and Village

Main motive of digitizing the entire ration card process in India is to maintain a central repository of ration card holders which can be used to drive reports to calculate future trends and can help in fighting the emergency scenarios like droughts. You can easily retrieve your ration card details from this central repository.

Here is how you can do it and can search any ration card in Rajasthan:

• Visit

• You will now get list of all 33 districts in Rajasthan

• Choose your district (you will have to select the number against each district. Please select the number as per the Urban/Rural Column).

• After this you will get names of all Nagarpalika’ under that district along with the number of ration card holders as per the ration card category

• After Nagarpalika, you will have to choose Ward Numbers.

• Now you will get the list sorted according to FPS (Fair Price Shop or simply Ration Card Depots) owners. Choose the one that belongs to your area.

• Choosing the FPS will open list of all the ration card owners with their Unique Ration Card ID, Card Type, Name, Father Name, Address and number of family members.

• Select the Unique RC_ID and that’s it! You will now have complete details of your ration card online.

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