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Check details about Online Ration Card in Punjab, Ration Card Application Form in Punjab, Duplicate Ration card in Punjab and many other things. Ration card as you all know is one among the most useful and helpful card in India. It helps in getting the food items at subsidized rate through fair price shops (or also called ration depots) near to your house. It helps in several other activities as well.

In Punjab, Government provides both online as well as offline facility to apply for fresh new ration card or to make some adjustment/changes to the existing one. Punjab Government has launched large number of Suwidha Centers where you can visit for offline ration card process. You will find dedicated resources there who will help you with the entire procedure. This is very helpful if you don’t have facilities required for online application and want to complete the application process real fast.

Ration Card Punjab

In case you have proper resources and channels that you require for online ration card application process (computer with internet connection, scanned family photograph, scanned thumb impressions etc) you can proceed with it.

How to Apply for Online Ration Card in Punjab

Follow this procedure:

1. Visit Punjab Government official Ration Card portal: http://punjab.gov.in/eform/login.xhtml

2. If you already have an account there; simply login or else create new account (option is there for new user registration).

3. You will require to update your profile. Please update it with correct details.

4. In the left menu, you will find “Fresh Application” option. Visit it.

5. Now select the appropriate option from the list of services (choose Ration card related service). Select Apply option.

6. Now choose the alternative 2 (online form application) and choose “Click here to fill the application form online” option.

7. Now fill the complete application form and attach/upload all the required documents.

8. Submit your application and select “View Saved Application” option. This is where you are required to upload/update all your supporting documents.

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This is how you can apply for new ration card online/offline in Punjab.

Duplicate Ration Card in Punjab

In order to get duplicate ration card in Punjab, you simply need to submit your application to the concerned ration card office along with the reason of applying for duplicate card. Reason may be one of the below:

• You have lost the original ration card
• Card has become illegible
• Natural calamity (fire, earthquake, flood etc)

Application fee is different and varies as per the reason. It will take around 7-15 days to get new/duplicate ration card delivered to your home.

If you have any doubt regarding ration card process in Punjab, you can contact officials using below two numbers:
- 0172-2704717
- 0172-2702012

Search and Check Ration Card Status in Punjab
Or you can simply visit the nearby ration card office and can get all your doubts solved by officials.

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