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Puducherry earlier known as Pondicherry is a beautiful UT in India which is mainly known for various tourist activities. Here we will discuss details about Puducherry Ration Card that include Puducherry Ration Card Application Form, Ration card Status Check, Puducherry Duplicate Ration card, Add/Delete Names, Modify Names from Puducherry Rasan Card and lot more. Ration Card being one of the crucial documents in India holds one of the top rank when it comes to importance and value of Government cards in country. With help of Ration card, you can avail the day to day items at subsidized priced from fixed fair price shops. You can even use it as identity proof.

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How to Apply Online for Ration Card in Puducherry

There are two chances of getting a new Ration card in Puducherry. First is when you are permanent resident of Puducherry and haven’t yet registered for a Ration Card yet (very rare though) and second is when you are transferred from some other state to Puducherry. In this case you will have to get new ration card associated with UT.

Ration card Puducherry

In Puducherry, you can apply for below Ration Card Categories:

• APL- Above Poverty Line (Yellow Cards, issued 10 kg of rice/month)
• BPL- Below Poverty Line (Red Cards, issued 20 kg of rice/month)
• AAY- Antyodaya Anna Yojna Card (Red Cards, 35 kg rice/month)

Various Ration Card Categories and Eligibility

Please follow below procedure to get new card issued:

• Get the rasan card application form from Civil Supplies Department.

• Fill in in all the details

• Attach all the required documents along with the ration card application form (surrender/deletion certificate from previous ration card office, photocopy of previous surrendered ration card, proof of residence etc)

• Surrender/deletion certificates are required in cases of migration only (i.e. when you want to shift your card from one state to other). In other case you only need to submit minimal set of documents like identity proof, residence proof, statement that you and your family do not have their names in any other ration card.

• Submit the application form, officials will verify your details and will issue new ration card within a week or two (interval of 15 days).

Procedure is similar if you have moved from one region to another region (like Karaikal to Mahe) within the UT.

Documents Required for Ration Card

How to Add/Delete Names from Puducherry Ration Card

If your child is below 12 years of age then you will need to submit his/her birth certificate along with study certificate or school identity card to the concerned ration card department. If age is more than 12 years and is from other state then you will have to produce original surrender/deletion certificate along with photocopy of previous ration card.

If you want to delete names from existing ration card (in case of death or marriage) then you will have to submit application form (available at Civil Supplies Department office) along with death or marriage certificates respectively.

How to change Name and Address in Puducherry Ration Card

Name Change:
You will need original birth certificate, transfer certificate, court order and photocopy of newspaper advertisement where you have published the ad for name change. Once you have these documents, you can apply for name change in the concerned office.

Address Change:
For address change you need to submit copy of address proof of new residence. Proof can be any of these document: Telephone Bill, Electricity/Gas/Water Bill, Voter Card, Driving License etc. Submit these documents along with the application form and your address will be changed within stipulated interval of time (mostly same day of submitting the application form).

You will be charged Rs. 10 for making addition, deletion, change in address/names to the existing Ration Card.

How to get Ration Card Surrender Certificate in Puducherry

To get the ration card surrender certificate, family head need to submit the request to the concerned department. You will also need clearance from your dedicated FPS (from where you get ration items).

How to get Duplicate Ration Card in Puducherry

Duplicate Ration Card can be issued under 3 cases:

Original Ration Card Lost:
You must submit application after getting the clearance from dedicated FPS. You will be charged Rs. 50 application processing fee if you have lost your original ration card.

Damaged Ration Card:
If your original ration card is damaged and is illegible now then you can apply for the duplicate ration card. You will have to submit your original damaged ration card along with the application form. Application fee for damaged ration card case is Rs. 20.

Fire Accident, Natural Calamities:
You will need FR copy under this case (for fire accidents only, for natural calamities you don’t need to produce any proofs). No application fee is required for this category. Simply submit the application form for duplicate ration card and you will be issued new card as per the standard time.

You can check other details here: http://dcsca.puducherry.gov.in/FAQ.pdf

Track Ration Card Status in Puducherry

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