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You will get to know each and everything related to Sikkim Ration Card here. Things that we will cover here include new Ration Card application form in Sikkim, how to get new Ration Card in Sikkim, getting duplicate ration card, modifying (adding/deleting/changing names/address) from Sikkim Ration Card and many more things. To start with we will discuss the procedure to apply for new ratin card in the state.

These steps can be used in all 4 districts (East, West, North, South Sikkim) and is applicable to all areas including Gangtok, Namchi etc.

Ration Card Online Sikkim

How to get new Ration Card in Sikkim

Application procedure is simple and similar to any other state. Download or get the ration card application form from nearby office, fill it and submit to them. This is how you can get new card issued to your address. To make things simpler, let we describe the entire thing step by step.

Follow below procedure for getting New Ration Card in Sikkim:

• Download the application form from http://sikkimfcs-cad.gov.in/forms/ration_card_new_transfer_form.pdf

• You can get the same form from your nearby Ration Card office in Sikkim

• Once you have the form, fill it completely and submit it back to the Ration Card Authority

• You are required to attach all the mentioned documents along with your application

After submitting the application, you will get acknowledgment slip and invigilators from office will visit your home to verify mentioned details (please use correct and true details while filling the application form). once the verification is completed successfully and they pass green flag from their side, you will be issued new/modified ration card within 7-15 days.

How to apply for online Ration Card in India

Documents required for Ration Card

How to check Ration Card Status in Sikkim

You can track Ration Card status in Sikkim by using the application number that is mentioned on the acknowledgment slip. You will get approximated dates when the card can be delivered to your address. Please ensure to call and ask the details on the specified date mentioned on the ack sip (on or after the date that is mentioned on the slip).

Search any Ration Card in Sikkim

Follow below steps to search any ration card online in Sikkim:

• Visit
• Choose your district
• Now choose Taluka/Tehsil
• Choose the FSP ID against your FSP owner’s name (FPS is Fair Price Shop i.e. nothing but your ration card depot)
• Now select the card against your name/family’s head name

This is how you can search any ration card in state.

How to get Duplicate Ration Card in Sikkim

Submit the application form along with the reason to get duplicate card. Reason can be any of the below:

• Original card lost
• Has become illegible
• Natural calamity
• Other reason as per your case

Check: How to get Duplicate Ration Card

Add/Delete/Change Names, Address from Sikkim Ration Card

For all above cases you need to submit new ration card form along with supported documents.

If you want to add name of new born baby then you will need birth certificate. If you want to remove name then you either need death certificate (in case of death) or surrender/deletion certificate (in case of marriage).

In case of name change you need to produce the proof which shows your name change activity. Best proof is the newspaper cutting where you have published name change ad.

For address change, you can use electricity/water/telephone bill issued to new address.

For any concerns, please use blow contact details:

Tele. No: 03592- 202708

Fax No: 03592- 202215

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