Ration Card Status Check Puducherry


Check Puducherry Ration Card Status here. Here we will be describing the complete process steps by step that will enable you to check your ration card status in Puducherry UT online. All you will need is your application number. You can find it in the acknowledgment slip that you receive after submitting the application form to ration card office. Puducherry Govt has listed almost all of the useful/required ration card facilities online. It include basic facilities like applying for new ration card online, checking the status, ask for grievance etc.

Please let us know f you have any issues going with registering online/offline for new Ration Card in Puducherry or want some additional information about the same. We would love to help you with our expertise. Now let’s check the procedure for finding live Rashan Card status in Puducherry.

Apply Online Ration Card in Puducherry

How to check Ration Card Status in Puducherry

It is very easy to find and check live status. Facts/Artifacts that you will need to check status is simple application number. If you know it already then good otherwise you can check it from the acknowledgment receipt that you have received after submitting online/offline application form. so by considering the fact that you know your ration card application number let we move ahead to the main tutorial. Follow below steps:

• Visit the official tracking website here: http://egov-civilmis.pon.nic.in/SearchCard_Pondy_AppNo.aspx

• You will get below page now:

Ration Card Status Check Puducherry

• As visible, you will now have to enter your application number. After submitting the application number hit the “Search” button and that’s it. Al your details will be displayed on screen and you can print it for future use.

It is good to check rasan card status in Puducherry if you apply for a new ration card or have submitted application form for making some modifications/changes in the existing card. However we would advise you to make use of acknowledgment slip to the max. Check it carefully. You will get the expected dates when modified/new ration card would be delivered to your address. Make use of this date and check the status accordingly. If you have not received the card on the dates mentioned in receipt, you can contact officials directly and can ask about the delay and future possibilities.

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