Renew Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online | Apply for Duplicate, Tatkal Ration Cards


Ration Card as you all know is one of the most crucial documents that are issued to eligible families in country. Coming to Tamil Nadu then it holds equal value as any other state in the country. We have already covered a details guide about how you can apply for the ration card in Tamil Nadu. You can check it here:

Apply Online Ration Card in Tamil Nadu

After getting the ration card, you need to renew it at frequent intervals. Ration Card renewal ensures that most updated and correct details are printed on ration card which eventually prevents ration card misuse and helps government to provided right kind of benefits/subsidies to right kind of families. Here we will check the things needed to renew ration card in Tamil Nadu and will also be looking at the things that are helpful in distinct cases like Tatkal Ration Car Form, Duplicate Ration Card, Ration Card for Forest Staff in Tamilnadu and several other aspects.

How to Renew Ration Card in Tamil Nadu

Renewal happens at frequent intervals and you can get this done easily at your nearest Ration Card office or Gram Panchayat (for rural areas).

You can try the renewal process online as well. Simply follow below steps:

• Visit

• You will see below page:

Renew Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online

• Enter ration card number and select the ration card type

• Do mention the comments if any. I would suggest you to use the comments box to best. Provide complete details about your ration card and mention other facts if any.

• Once done, hit the Submit option.

After hitting the Submit option, Ration Card officials will start the proceedings from their end. Once they validate the details, you will be issue renewed ration card to your address.

Duplicate/Tatkal Ration Card in Tamil Nadu

You can get issued Duplicate and Tatkal Ration Card in Tamil Nadu. Both duplicate and tatkal ration cards are issued under certain circumstances and you need to provide valid reason of getting any of them.

Follow below guide to get duplicate/tatkal ration card in Tamilnadu:

• Download the concerned application form from

• Alternatively you can get the same application form from your nearby offices (as you will have to visit office/panchayat in all the cases so I would suggest you to get the application form from office itself. You can use the online form for reference).

• Fill in all the details and submit the completely filled form to concerened government official.

Your Tatkal/Duplicate ration card will be issued once officials validate the details.

TN has special provision for Forest Staff Ration Cards. Forest staff families need to submit different application form (for all cases like new ration card, surrender certificate, duplicate, tatkal card etc) to officials. You can get the sample form from here:

This form is printed in Tamil only. Kindly note that application form is the only thing that varies for Forest Staff, remaining things are similar like normal ration cards.

Kindly do let us know if you need assistance at any part.


  1. I want to renewal my ration card but when I click a link in your web page
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  2. My Ration card No is 02/N/0018020. When I tried for for renewing the card as per the instructions of the Ration Shop at Besant Nagar in the site the web page shows an error and not opening. Kindly inform the correct site. It may be mentioned here that I have a white card only and not eligible to draw any ration items. Please inform me thro e mail and my email id is