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Mizoram Government has tried several things to maintain ration card activities online. Centralized database is one of them. With help of central database, you can easily find and locate your details anytime from anywhere. Here we will see how to search ration cards in Mizoram and how to track their status. Status tracking is useful when you have already applied for the online ration card and are now waiting for the hard copy to get delivered to your address/nearest fair price shop or nearest ration card office (you can get it confirmed while applying/submitting the ration card application form).

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How to Search Ration Card in Mizoram

Officials have maintained a nice and clean directory of all the ration cards in the state. They have organized it well with proper hierarchy so that drilling up and down can be done with ease. Here we will see how to drill down your details from district level to village.

Follow below steps:

1. Visit this link:

2. You will see below page that lists all 9 districts:


Search Mizoram Ration Card

3. Choose the appropriate district. You will be then taken to page that holds details as per the village name. here you will see details according to Ration Card Type/Categories (AAY, PHH, NFSA, Non-NFSA).

4. Choose the village that you belong to.

5. Choose the FPS name now (FPS stands for Far Price Shop and is nothing but the name of ration card depot from where you get the subsidized items at discounted rates).

6. Now you can see details of all the families who are affiliated with that particular ration card depot. Details you will get here is unique Ration Card ID, applicant name, father/husband/spouse name, card type and EPIC/Aadhar number.

7. You will get few other details like PIN code, family members enrolled under that particular ration card along with their relationship with the head of the family, gas connection detail, age etc.

How to check Ration Card Status in Mizoram

In order to track status, you will need unique ration card ID that you have received after submitting the application form at the registration office. You can directly call ration card office and can ask for the live status against ration card ID. You will get ration card delivered at your address on or after the date mentioned in your acknowledgment slip (that you get after submitting the forms during registration).

You can even get duplicate, temporary ration card in Mizroam by submitting application form along with the reason why you want to get duplicate card. In case you have lost your original ration card then you need to submit required documents only but in case you have your old ration card with you and want to get issued duplicate card for some other reason (illegible card or migration to new place etc) then you will have to submit original ration card along with all other required documents.

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