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Ration Card in UP is an important document that allows users to avail various government discounts/subsidies on selected household commodities. Basic day to day commodities are covered under Ration card (Natoinal Food Secuirty, NFS) scheme that include food grains like rice, daal, cooking oil, sugar, salt etc. Government makes sure that all essential items are covered under NFS and benefit is provided to end customers. Talking particularly about Uttar Pradesh then government is taking nice steps towards digitizing the entire ration card process. Population is one major concern which is the reason why digitization is taking time but it is better to wait for few more months/years than to have insufficient online portals and services.

Here we will be checking the guides to search any ration card in UP and also to check its status when you have applied for new cad or have applied for some amendments.

Ration Card Uttar Pradesh

How to Search Ration Card in Uttar Pradesh

It is an e service that allows you to search and explore any Ration Card in Uttar Pradesh. You can search details as per names, village or complete address (ration card depot or fair price shop even). Government officials use to store details of every ration card on online database. Whenever you search for any detail, query gets triggered at the database end and outputs the required details. You can use this facility by following simple steps which are mentioned below:

• Visit this link:

Search Ration Card UP

• Choose the ditcrict

• Enter ration card ID number and captcha code (number which is shown in image). In case you are not able to read the code properly then you can refresh it anytime

• Hit the “Search” button once you fill in complete details

• Print the online Ration Card

This is how simple you can search for any ration card in UP.

Check Ration Card Status in UP

Checking the status is required whenever you apply for any modification in the existing rasan card. Till the time UP Government comes up with some permanent online solution for checking card’s status, we have a smart tip that will allow you to check your card status at frequent intervals. You can visit your nearby ration card office or the smart way will be to ask for some official’s phone/mobile number who has helped you during submitting the application form.

How to check Ration Card Status Online

Check out the acknowledgment slip carefully. You will see reference number and expected delivery dates there. Simply ask for someone’s mobile number at ration card office and call him/her directly once the scheduled date is over and you haven’t received the updated card yet.

This is how you can search and check status of Rashan Card in UP. Do let us know if anything else required from our side.

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