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Here we will check how to apply for online/offline Ration Card in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand was earlier a part of Uttar Pradesh (you can check detailed guide on how to apply for ration card in UP here):

Get Ration Card in UP

Guide for Uttarakhand is also on the same track and matches with UP in most of the aspects. In the due course of this article, we will cover these topics:

Apply online/offline for Ration Card in Uttarakhand | Application Form | Status Tracking | Application Fee | Contac Details and many other such things.

Ration Card Online

Type of Ration Cards in Uttarakhand
Before moving to main content about how to apply, we will first need to understand the category of ration card under which one need to apply. Different types of ration card have their own advantages/disadvantages and you can check detailed discussion here:

Ration Card Types and their Uses

1. APL/BPL Ration Cards
Issued to Above Poverty Line and Below Poverty Line families

2. Antyodaya Anna Yojna
Pink ration cards are issued under Antyodaya Anna Yojna. These are issued to families who are covered under Antyodaya Yojna. It was started back on 2nd October 2001.

3. Annapurna Yojna
Annapurna Yojna is launched for senior citizen in Uttarakhand. People above 60 or 65 years of age who are not receiving any pension are covered under Annapurna Yojna. People covered under this scheme gets 10 Kg rice free each month.

How to apply Ration Card in Uttarakhand

In urban areas, you will need to visit District Supply office for ration card application form. Once you have ration card application form (which is available free of cost), you need to fill in all the details carefully and need to sign it properly. After filling in entire details and attaching supported documents, do submit it to clerk at DSO office.

Your details will be verified and if everything goes well then you will be issued new/modified ration card within 7-30 days of submitting the application form.

In rural areas, you can get application form from Block Development Office (BDO) or Gram Panchayat Office (GPO). Rest procedure is similar as that of urban area (fill in details, attach supporting documents and submit to respective officer at GPO or BDO).

Download Ration Card Application Form: http://fcs.uk.gov.in/upload/downloads/Download-6.pdf

Documents Required and Fee details
You will need to attach below supporting documents along with the application form:

• Identity proof

• Address proof (can submit rent receipt as well)

• Surrender certificate if you want to make modifications in existing ration card

Application fee for every new request is Rs. 5/request.

Apply for Duplicate Ration Card Ration Card in Uttarakhand

Under special circumstances, people can ask for duplicate ration card (or temporary ration card also). Application procedure is similar as that of new ration card. Please Check:

How to apply for Duplicate/Temporary Ration Card

Once the ration card is issued, it is valid up to 5 years. You will need to renew it after stipulated time interval. In case you somehow miss the chance to renew ration card within 2 months of expiration date then your name will be removed from official records and y will have to apply for a new ration card again.

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