How to link Ration Card with Aadhar/Aadhaar Card (UIDAI Number)


Just like ration card, Aadhar Card is one of the most crucial Indian Government document that every Indian citizen is supposed to have now. Aadhar Card is going to provide many useful features in coming years. It is just the start and it has already started showing its usefulness (in a recent case people witnessed power of Aadhar Card while buying Reliance Jio sims. It took only few minutes to get Jio sim card activated after submitting aadhar card details). Government is working towards integrating Aadhaar Card (also known as UIDAI card) with other essential services.

Till now government has started services to integrate it with commodities like LPG account, bank accounts etc Next service that Government will be targeting is Ration card. They will soon stat tracking real time records/data with help of unique identification number provided by Aadhar Card. It will help officials to maintain better track of essential services provided through ration card. It will also help in preventing fraud ration cards which will surely help entire nation at big front.

It will be rolled out through all Indian states including Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Madhay Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra etc.

Benefits of linking Ration Card with Aadhar Card

This integration will help in below ways:

• Will help in identifying bogus ration cards. One person can be allocated one UIDAI number only so this integration will help in closing the bogus ration card which will eventually help in terms of financial state.

• As it will be real time integration, so it will help in tracking down the records (of what people are generally buying, their previous records etc) which will help in creating meaningful reports to help government officials with facts driven schemes.

• Will help in consolidating Digital India mission.

• At a later stage it will also help in achieving e ration cards which will eradicate use of hard copied ration cards (it will save paper so ration card – aadhar card integration is good in terms of nature too).

• Centralized records to help officials to come up with effective schemes.

How to integrate Ration Card with Aadhar Card

Process is quite simple and is same as LPG integration. It can be done through both online as well as offline resources. We will discuss both the ways in detail here.

Ration Card | Aadhar Card Integration: Online

Follow these steps:

1. Visit

Ration Card Integration with Aadhaar Card Online

2. Select “Start Now” as highlighted in above image.

3. Choose your State and District

Ration Card Integration with Aadhaar Card

4. Now in the “Benefit Type” box (highlighted) choose “Ration card” option. For now you may not find it available for your state. As soon as Government officials decide to integrate Ration Card with UIDAI in your state, you should be able to select Ration card for this box.

5. Enter other details like your phone number, email id, Aadhar Number etc.

6. You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Simply enter that to integrate ration card with UIDAI number.

7. You will need passport size photo and an Aadhar linked bank account to proceed further. In case you haven’t linked your bank account to UIDAI yet then you will have to show passbook photocopy.

Ration Card | Aadhar Card Integration: Offline

You can apply for integration process offline at nearby ration card offices. For doing so you will have to carry individual Aadhar Card of each family member and duplicate copy of family ration card.

Passport size photograph of family’s head is also required during integration process. Aadhar linked bank account is required, in case you don’t have one then you will have to submit photocopy of bank passbook during the registration process.

Let we sum up the offline steps here:

• Carry Aadhar Card copies of each family member, ration card photocopy, Aadhar linked bank account (or bank paasbook photopy in case you don’t have one) to your nearby ration car doffice

• Ask for the application form

• Fill it completely and submit it along with all required documents

You can activate the same using SMS Services also. For doing so, you will have to message in below prescribed format:

Example: UID SEED AP POSC 1234567 121213131211

Do let us know if any help required.

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