About Us


Ration Card is a very important government record in India that can be used at designated fair price shops (or also known as ration depots) to avail NFS (National Food Security) subsidies/schemes.

We here at http://www.rationcardindia.in/ covers everything that you need to know about Ration Card process in India.

To summarize the things, we cover below topics:

• How to apply for new ration card
• Print ration card
• Duplicate ration card
• Temporary ration card
• Surrender certificate
• Ration card status
• Ration card search
• Change details in existing ration card
• Fair Price Shops near to your area
• Food and Supply office contact details
• Latest ration card depots (FPS) price/rates
• Ration card stats
• Ration card types
• etc

We cover details for all the Indian States and Union Territories. You can request any tutorial that you want us to cover (either about your state or general thing about Ration Card).